Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Memory...

Today Shelby and I went to the doctor for our first official visit. We had been to the doctor last week for a quick check up and sonogram to make sure everything was going ok with the Baby. This morning we got more info from her doctor and we had another sonogram taken. We did not get the expected news during our sonogram and found out that the baby wasn't growing properly; the heart beat, which we had heard 6 days ago, was now gone. We are both in shock and devastated but we know it's part of God's plan for our family. We know we will see "BabySoko" in heaven one day! Thanks to all of our family and friends for their prayers and thoughts during this time.

In memory of "BabySoko"

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well it has been awhile since i've last posted! We have been quite busy with a trip visiting Charlie's parents in Florida, Cade's flag football team, and other school activities! Cade recently had a Fairy Tale ball that he got to dress up for at school, he was a knight!

It has been quite the busy month but last week was a really exciting week for our family, as we found out we are expecting!!! We are shocked but extremely excited! We have almost been married for 6 months now, and apparently not wasting anytime!!!! The Mason gene will definitely live on as we are popping out babies left and right!!

I leave you with a few pictures and some great artist for the month:

Ray LaMontagne- gossip in the grain

Brooke Waggoner- heal for the honey

The fro

The Mullet