Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Farmer's Market/Heritage Village

So Cade and I took a "field trip" to the Farmers Market and Dallas Heritage Village a couple of weeks ago. He absolutely loved going on a field trip! He kept asking afterwards, "What other field trips can we go on?" And he meant right then. So we stopped by the Highland Park Pharmacy, which I have been wanting to try for awhile now, and ate lunch together sitting at the high bar looking out onto Henderson. We had so much fun together!

I cherish the time that Cade and I get to do fun outtings like this because with our busy life it doesnt seem to happen to often and he is growing up too fast!

Always eating!

Family Fun

So my dad told me I needed to change my font, for the old people! So here you are!

So this month has been a pretty busy one! We had a birthday celebration for my dad along with his mom and a few others at my aunts house in Dallas. So fun getting together with family and hearing stories from my dad and his siblings about growing up, too funny what they did back then!

I always love getting together with the Mason family, so many of us, and everyone is so warm and just easy to be with!

Here are a few pics from the gathering!

Singing Happy Birthday

My Pretty Momma

Always Daddy's Little Girl

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Frist day of Kindergarten

So Cade started school last week!! Monday we had orientation where Cade, Charlie, and I all went to. The kids got to go in the gym while the parents sat in their new classroom and went over things with his teacher. Then Cade and I got to come home and have a relaxing day together, Char had to go onto work. So Tuesday came, his first full day of Kindergarten, he was a little apprehensive about going. I on the other hand thought I would be fine, since he had been in preschool since he was 3. Boy was I wrong, as Im driving the whole 3 blocks to his school I almost bust into tears when we pulled in front of the school! Of course I had to hold it in, why would that make him feel anymore comfortable about going to "big kid" school? So I had to put my big girl panties on and walk him to school. We stood in the cafeteria where the kids go before the bell rings to go to class. His teacher walked by with a few other kids going to get in line, so Cade went with her, reluctant of course! So then I was off to work teary eyed and all! Fortunately, I left work early to pick Cade up on his first full day! He had a great day! Enjoy a few pics of Cade on his first day!