Friday, August 8, 2008

The Beginning

As we start this new journey together, Charlie and I are so excited about what God has in store for us. Currently Charlie and I are still trying to learn each other's little quirks and adapting to them, whether we care for them or not! Charlie seems to have the most adjustment coming from living on his own with no kids and no dogs, basically no noise! Now, he has all of those!

Life has been pretty busy these last few months, getting married, moving, Cade in summer camp at the Y, traveling with work, outtings with friends, and trips to Austin and Shreveport. It has been busy but so fun! We are enjoying life!

Cade has been gone for the last 5 weekends at his dads, and we are SO excited to have him home this weekend, and spend some time with him. Its pretty hard when he is gone so much like he was. He has gotten so big and is headed to Kindergarten in 3 weeks...!! 3 weeks!! I am both excited but nervous for all things that come along with going to public school! Cade tends to be a little bit of a class clown!!

Stay tuned for more post and pictures!


The Keiths said...

I cannot believe Cade is about to start kindergarten!!! good grief...I feel like just yesterday we were putting away all your diapers from the baby shower...I love hearing about the fun y'all are having! This is a GREAT way for us to tap into your daily lives! Love you guys ^_^

masons said...

Gosh you and Cade look like twins in all these pics. He looks so much like you! So glad you guys have a blog now! Blogging is so addictive!